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In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that have helped Clients meet their Totem Animals and Animal Guides.

My skills and specialities include: Art, Totem and Animal Guide Portraits, Symbolism, Digital Editing and Spreading Light and Spiritual Wisdom.

I am available for taking on new work. See my contact information below and get in touch.

Email: alicia.lifeartist@gmail.com

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About Alicia

Alicia’s first memory is of a Spiritual nature, an Out of Body and Out of Space and Time experience at the tender age of 4.
Experiencing Spiritual nature at such a young age she was able to be open to experiencing and learning more of Humanitys Spiritual gifts. She rest assures that all abilities are available to every Human who wishes to grow these muscles and it is a matter of practise, belief, love and intention.

With her love of drawing she was able to mould her Creative and Spiritual nature together to form her own Unique method she calls Spirit Light Code Tracing though her True love is Symbolism

Alicia is a mum of Four Intelligent and Spritually inclined Children. Born in the Philippines and raised in Australia from the age of 3, she is now living in the ever beautiful Melbourne Australia. Though her childhood was filled with abuse she propelled herself forward using these experiences to want to bring Light in to the world.

Her aim with this website and all of Divine You is to show You personally that you are always receiving answers to your Questions to the Divine. We have just never known how to listen before… She is going to show you how.

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