– Ancestors

– Balance

– Confrontation

– Earth Wisdom

– Earth Warrior

– Fearless

– Grounding

– Overcoming Obstacles

– Paternal

– Protection

– Respect

– Self Defense

– Stubborness


– Wild


– Everyone has different points of view, and that’s okay.

– Stay open minded

– Connect with your masculine side

– Connect with your Father

– Get out of your head and ground yourself.

– Spend some time with your bare feet on the Earth.

– Be aware of what you yourself are putting out there.

– Don’t avoid this issue any longer, it is time to confront it.

– Take advantage of what you know you can do well.

– Time to eliminate those obstacles by facing them.

– Do not allow others to intimidate you, they hold no real strength.

– Face your fears.

– Stop being so stubborn.

– Listen to others opinions

– It is okay to pace yourself and not rush in to things.


– Wonderful Teachers

– They plant the Physical and Spiritual seeds for the next generation

– Can be hard headed (stubborn)

– Territorial.  Can be very Protective of what’s theirs.

– Nature lover

– Unique

– Have a more grounded perspective to add to conversations

– Can often be labelled as an Earth Angel

– Mentally and Emotionally strong

– Equally strong in Attack and Defense positions

– Takes Pride in their Homes

– They know their strengths and they perfect them

– They possess a wild heart that cannot be tamed by conventional thinking

– Favourite subject to talk about is their roots

– A keeper of the old cultures, beliefs and wisdom.

Remember that decoding Symbology is a personal journey.  Signs and Symbols grow their meaning from Culture, Mass Opinion, and Time.  But most of all Symbology is affected by Personal experiences and perspective. 

What I have given you here is the basic starting point, but its true depth of meaning is within You.

As Always, Thankyou for reading and for sharing.  

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with Cassowary in the comments below.

Beautiful Blessings


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