– Appreciation

– Community

– Contentment

– Down Sizing

– Family

– Freedom

– Friendliness

– Grounding

– Heartfelt

– Home

– Humility

– Inclusion

– Joy

– Resourcefulness

– Simplicity


– Don’t limit yourself

– Don’t cage your abilities and possibilities.

– Enjoy the little things in life

– Remember to ground your energy

– Take a moment to appreciate the things you normally take for granted.

– Embrace Simplicity

– You don’t have to be large to be heard

– You don’t have to have it all to be ready to move forward

– Stay connected with your clan

– Take a moment to be with your family

– Reconnect

– There is enough, you don’t need to worry

– Appreciate the small things, like a smile.

– Get Creative when approaching any issue

– Focus and get back to making your dreams come true


– Humble

– Constantly will put others before themselves

– Can tend to be shy, can feel like they are too little to be of importance

– Loves their community

– Loves their home and making it warm and inviting

– They appreciate the small details that go in to life

– Are focussed and accomplish tasks set in front of them with ease

– Will blend in to the background of conversations if not addressed directly

– Happily fits in anywhere

– Loyal

– Makes their friends in to family and will deeply care for them

– Will take the blame to protect others.

– Keeps themselves busy

– Very Cleanly

– Can’t help but speak from their heart

Remember that decoding Symbology is a personal journey.  Signs and Symbols grow their meaning from Culture, Mass Opinion, and Time.  But most of all Symbology is affected by Personal experiences and perspective. 

What I have given you here is the basic starting point, but its true depth of meaning is within You.

As Always, Thankyou for reading and for sharing.  

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with Sparrows in the comments below.

Beautiful Blessings


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