– Clarity

– Comfort

– Confidence

– Emotional strength

– Family

– Forward movement

– Grace

– Living in the now

– Mother

– Opportunity

– Protection

– Reconnection

– Self expression

– Simplicity

– Success


– Be picky with the people you trust

– Take care of those who have been with you through the hard times

– Do not shield yourself off so much that the worthy won’t be able to get in either.

– Work towards being self-sufficient

– Be prepared for anything

– It’s time to face your worry’s head on

– You are more beautiful than you give yourself credit for

– Avoid becoming a sitting duck.  Don’t allow yourself to be forced in to a situation where you are defenceless and forced to do something you are uncomfortable with.

– You are strong and smart, be confident that you can find the best solution

– You have the ability to fly, so don’t feel like you need to sit in any emotions that are drowning you.

– Focus on your family and your personal relationships with each of them

– Find the balance between your professional and personal life

– Move swiftly to grab this opportunity that is presented to you

– A freeing of your Spiritual self is about to occur

– Sit with your feelings and then release


– Simple and Honest

– They find happiness in the little things

– Love a safe and secure home

– Calm and steady during times of crisis

– Always on top of things

– Nurturing

– Caring

– Organized and always prepared

– Sensitive to others feelings (Empath)

– A trusted friend

– Graceful and beautiful, though they may not see themselves as this

– Humble

– Gets along with everybody, though they can be blind to who is negative around them

– Very easy going people who don’t hold grudges

– Love one on one intimate conversations

Remember that decoding Symbology is a personal journey.  Signs and Symbols grow their meaning from Culture, Mass Opinion, and Time.  But most of all Symbology is affected by Personal experiences and perspective. 

What I have given you here is the basic starting point, but its true depth of meaning is within You.

As Always, Thankyou for reading and for sharing.  

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with Ducks in the comments below.

Beautiful Blessings


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