– Air

– Clairvoyance

– Determination


– Freedom

– Higher Power

– Leader

– Life Purpose

– Natural Beauty

– Power

– Prophecy

– Spirit

– Success

– Strength

– Sun

– Trust

– Victory

– Vision

– Worth


– It is time to stand up for the Good Fight.

– Focus, repeat Focus.  Make it your mantra for today.

– Connect and Listen to your Higher self.

– Time to strategize so you can take a well calculated step.

– Size up the problem in front of you and tackle it with the full knowledge that you are more than capable of doing this.

– You are more than worthy.

– You are more than capable.

– Spend some time soaking up the Suns energy.

– 10am-2pm and 10pm-2am.  Use this time to strategize and work.

– Go out and get it.

– Trust in your abilitys.

– Come out of your own thoughts and look at this issue from a Higher Perspective.

– Close your eyes and open your Third Eye for this answer.

– Pinpoint what needs to be done and do it.

– Stop yourself from Procrastinating.  Say this “5,4,3,2,1” and then get up and do it before your Human brain tries to protect you from your fear of the unknown.


People who have a Falcon as an Animal Totem are:

– Extremely Determined.

– Extremely Focused.

– Easily complete tasks set for them.

– Aim High.

– Able to tell when someone is lying to them.

– Seeks Inner Wisdom.

– Will not take other peoples garbage.

– Play well in Attack Position Games.

– Can have a Fiery Temperament when not balanced.

– A life long journey of seeking out Universal Truths.

– Are great and fair Leaders.

– Naturally Clairvoyant.

– Will rationalise their thoughts and take well calculated educated steps in life.

– Know their worth.

– Stand up for what they believe in.

Remember that decoding Symbology is a personal journey.  Signs and Symbols grow their meaning from Culture, Mass Opinion, and Time.  But most of all Symbology is affected by Personal experiences and perspective. 

What I have given you here is the basic starting point, but its true depth of meaning is within You.

As Always, Thankyou for reading and for sharing.  

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with Falcons in the comments below.

Beautiful Blessings


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