– Appreciation

– Celebration

– Colourful

– Enjoying Life

– Family

– Favoured

– Freedom

– Gratefulness

– Happiness

– High Energy

– Innocence

– Optimism

– Recycle

– Simplicity

– Variety


– Enjoy the Journey!

– Take the path you want to take.

– Do not get sucked in to the Drama, separate from it and smile, that is not your energy to take on.

– Eat some colourful foods today.

– Nourish your body from the inside out.

– Use your time wisely

– Today is not the day for Adult matters in any way

– Choose the light hearted approach.

– Take what ever resources is given to you with joy

– Freely express your happy nature

– Lets get creative.

– An omen of Happiness

– Sing your true song freely

– Wear your happiness on your sleeves

– Take family matters at face value, but light hearted.


– Bubbly Personality

– High Energy

– Loves Life

– Loves to travel and will take the scenic routes

– Loves to keep active

– Loves to eat Healthy

– Loves to laugh

– Upbeat

– Optimistic

– Filled from top to toe with Enthusiasm and Excitement

– Resourceful

– Colourfully creative

– Spontaneous

– They spread happiness in to people around them

– Are always up to go to a festival.

Remember that decoding Symbology is a personal journey.  Signs and Symbols grow their meaning from Culture, Mass Opinion, and Time.  But most of all Symbology is affected by Personal experiences and perspective. 

What I have given you here is the basic starting point, but its true depth of meaning is within You.

As Always, Thankyou for reading and for sharing.  

Let me know your thoughts and experiences with finches in the comments below.

Beautiful Blessings


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