CHICKEN SYMBOLISM -Balance -Courage -Curiosity -Defense -Family -Fertility -Nutrition -Mothering -Warmth -Optimism -Socialising -Discovery -Grounding -Community -Resourcefulness DREAM AND ANIMAL GUIDE MESSAGES: -Acting Chicken? -Take time for some internal evaluation. -Its time to let your personality shine through, strut your stuff. -Choose your words carefully to make a better impact. – Listen before forming anyContinue reading “CHICKEN SYMBOLISM”


CARDINAL SYMBOLISM: -Royalty -Nobility -Passion -Christianity -Vibrancy -Boldness -Cheering -Pride -Energetic -Hope -Love -Focus -Renewal -Spunk -Protect DREAM AND ANIMAL GUIDE MESSAGES: -Protect those that need you. -Follow your dreams and Passions -Be confident, learn to stand tall even if you are small. -Speak up with your own true voice. -Focus your thoughts so thatContinue reading “CARDINAL SYMBOLISM”


BAT SYMBOLISM – Air – Clair Audience – Communication – Dreams – Dusk – Illusion – Initiation – Inner Depth – Intuition – Journeying – Rebirth – Shadow Side – Unborn – Womb – Wrongly Accused DREAM AND ANIMAL GUIDE MESSAGES: – Look at the situation from a different point of view. – Close yourselfContinue reading “BAT SYMBOLISM”