FINCH SYMBOLISM – Appreciation – Celebration – Colourful – Enjoying Life – Family – Favoured – Freedom – Gratefulness – Happiness – High Energy – Innocence – Optimism – Recycle – Simplicity – Variety DREAM AND ANIMAL GUIDE MESSAGES: – Enjoy the Journey! – Take the path you want to take. – Do not getContinue reading “FINCH SYMBOLISM”


CARDINAL SYMBOLISM: -Royalty -Nobility -Passion -Christianity -Vibrancy -Boldness -Cheering -Pride -Energetic -Hope -Love -Focus -Renewal -Spunk -Protect DREAM AND ANIMAL GUIDE MESSAGES: -Protect those that need you. -Follow your dreams and Passions -Be confident, learn to stand tall even if you are small. -Speak up with your own true voice. -Focus your thoughts so thatContinue reading “CARDINAL SYMBOLISM”